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Lando Norris kritisiert McLaren: Auto weiterhin schwierig zu fahren

McLaren’s Update Trend Could Be Broken This Weekend, Says Lando Norris

McLaren’s forward momentum in terms of car updates could be broken this weekend, according to Lando Norris. Norris expressed doubts about the performance of the upgraded car, stating that it is still difficult to drive and qualifying is equally challenging. He cautioned against being overly optimistic based on their performance at Silverstone. Norris also mentioned that his teammate, Oscar Piastri, shares similar comments about the car’s balance.

Sergio Perez Struggles to Regain Confidence

Sergio Perez has faced a difficult few weeks following his disappointing performance in Monaco. He believes the incident setback his confidence in the car and it took some time to regain the trust he had before. However, Perez remains hopeful that things will improve in Budapest.

Haas F1 Team Looking to Improve

Haas team principal, Gunther Steiner, spoke about the team’s performance and their plans for the future. While he acknowledged that the team has been solid in aspects such as finances and structure, he admitted that they still have a long way to go to catch up with the top teams. Steiner emphasized the need to find the next step in their journey and continue to improve.

Change in Leadership at Alpine F1 Team

Laurent Rossi has been replaced as the CEO of Alpine with immediate effect. Philippe Krief, who previously served as Vice President, Engineering & Product Performance, and Managing Director of Alpine Cars, will take over the position. Rossi’s departure comes as a surprise, and Krief’s experience in the automotive industry positions him well for the role.

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Red Bull Reacts to McLaren’s Controversial Car Design

Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, commented on the controversy surrounding McLaren’s car design. He acknowledged that it is flattering that other teams want to replicate their successful car. Horner specifically mentioned the similarities between McLaren’s MCL35M and their RB16B. He alluded to Peter Prodromou, who worked with Adrian Newey, as a possible reason for the similarities.

Lewis Hamilton Disappointed with AlphaTauri’s Treatment of Nyck de Vries

Lewis Hamilton expressed disappointment over AlphaTauri’s decision to give Nyck de Vries only ten races to prove himself in Formula 1. He commented that it is typical of Red Bull’s approach and disagreed with their handling of the situation. Hamilton believes that the issue lies with Red Bull’s management, rather than Formula 1 as a whole.

Negotiations for Driver Contracts at Haas F1 Team

Kevin Magnussen discussed the process of negotiating driver contracts at Haas. He mentioned that in his experience, the conversations have been brief and straightforward. Magnussen believes that team owner Gene Haas takes into account the input of team principal Gunther Steiner when making decisions.

Aston Martin Still Working to Improve Performance

Lance Stroll highlighted the ongoing efforts to improve the performance of the Aston Martin AMR23 car. While acknowledging that the car has shown potential on good days, Stroll admitted that it is not the fastest car on the grid. He emphasized the need to extract the maximum potential from the car and address its weaknesses.

Potential Challenges with Tire Usage in Practice Sessions

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Esteban Ocon expects fewer laps to be completed during practice sessions due to the new regulations on tire usage. He believes that teams will be cautious in their approach and conserve tires, resulting in reduced track time. Ocon anticipates that each lap will be crucial, as there are fewer opportunities to learn and adapt.

Oscar Piastri Impressively Performs in Formula 1

Oscar Piastri’s performance continues to impress fans, experts, and his own team. In his eleventh Formula 1 race, he narrowly missed out on his first podium at Silverstone. Piastri’s calm and composed demeanor has garnered praise from his team principal, Andrea Stella, who commended the Australian driver’s exceptional skills.

Uncertainty Surrounding Ferrari’s Performance

Charles Leclerc expressed uncertainty about Ferrari’s performance for the upcoming race in Hungary. Although the team has made progress, Leclerc is unsure about their competitiveness on the specific track. He remains hopeful but cautious about their chances of success.

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