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AOK Baden-Württemberg and Klinikum Stuttgart honored with German Sustainability Award in Health and Social Sector

AOK Baden-Württemberg and Klinikum Stuttgart Win German Sustainability Award

Health Minister Manne Lucha congratulated AOK Baden-Württemberg and Klinikum Stuttgart on winning the 16th German Sustainability Award 2023 in the „Health and Social“ sector. These awards recognize outstanding achievements in promoting sustainability in 100 sectors of the German economy. Minister Lucha expressed his delight at the innovative, sustainable, and award-winning ideas emerging from Baden-Württemberg, stating that they demonstrate our state’s leadership in transforming the economy.

The AOK Baden-Württemberg won the prestigious prize in the „Health Insurance“ category, earning recognition from an expert jury as one of the 100 most sustainable companies in Germany. The jury praised the health insurance provider for promoting social, ecological, and economic sustainability among its customers. Minister Lucha emphasized that sustainability in the healthcare sector means ensuring the long-term viability and high-quality of our healthcare system. He commended the significant contribution that health insurance providers like AOK Baden-Württemberg make through innovative healthcare offerings to secure stable healthcare provision in the long run.

Klinikum Stuttgart, the largest maximum care hospital in the country, received the award in the „Healthcare“ category. Minister Lucha praised the hospital for its commitment to socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable practices, noting its exemplary role as an inspiration. He highlighted the importance of adopting sustainable approaches to resource and material management in the healthcare sector, emphasizing that this perspective has become imperative due to the energy crisis. The minister commended Klinikum Stuttgart for integrating sustainability into various aspects of its operations.

The German Sustainability Award recognizes excellence in sustainability in various sectors, including the economy, research, and municipalities. It is the largest competition of its kind in Europe and is organized by the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e.V in collaboration with the German government, local associations, business organizations, civil society, and research institutions.

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Minister Lucha stated that Baden-Württemberg is a leading region in the field of medicine and healthcare in Germany and is now also at the forefront of sustainability, as evidenced by these two awards. He noted that climate change is increasingly impacting public health and emphasized the importance of health insurance providers like AOK Baden-Württemberg taking responsibility and actively engaging in climate protection efforts. The minister highlighted some of the initiatives undertaken by AOK Baden-Württemberg, such as promoting sustainable office and building infrastructure, sustainable employee mobility, digitalization of processes, and prevention programs for healthier lives of their insured members. Regarding Klinikum Stuttgart, he commended their efforts to reduce resource consumption, emphasizing improvements in patient comfort, staff satisfaction, and a positive working environment. The minister also acknowledged the significant role played by the city of Stuttgart in creating a solid foundation for sustainability through the redesign of Klinikum Stuttgart and the concentration of facilities in the Mitte and Bad Cannstatt locations.

The construction of the Katharinenhospitals as part of the Klinikum Stuttgart’s projects, with investments exceeding 800 million euros, is another important step towards sustainability. The modernization of the existing infrastructure and technology at this facility will replace a large portion of the old buildings. The Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, and Integration of Baden-Württemberg welcomes this approach and will provide significant support to the Klinikum and the city of Stuttgart in this endeavor.

In conclusion, the achievements of AOK Baden-Württemberg and Klinikum Stuttgart in winning the German Sustainability Award highlight their commitment to promoting sustainability in the healthcare sector. These awards reinforce Baden-Württemberg’s status as a leader in healthcare innovation and sustainability in Germany. By recognizing and promoting sustainable practices, these institutions contribute to the long-term viability of the healthcare system and address the challenges posed by climate change.

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